Mixed Media Art Journal Process | Week 1

Last week I asked you if you’d like to see art journal process videos on a more regular basis, so I decided to give it a go and try getting one process uploaded each week. I will admit to you now that art journalling is something that I go through fits and spurts with; I tend to use it as an outlet for emotions so either when I’m really happy or really sad, there tends to be no in-between.

I wanted that out there so that if I happen to miss a week you know its because I’m having a bit of a dry spell on the journal front, than being said I am intending to upload 4 times a week so if it isn’t a process video it will be an informative video instead.

In this video I do talk about my “Prompt Pots” which were little pots filled with the stamp sets I own and colours etc along with ideas and techniques like “printed journalling” when I’m stuck in a rut I pull out one from each pot at random and create a page using just them. I find this helps me to focus and some of my best piece have come from using this system, I will have a more in dept video about them at some point next week if anyone is interested in seeing it.

As always the process video is at the end of this post along with the links to all the products that I have used. If you do make a purchase please use the hostess code to the right of this page and you will receive a free gift from myself next month :0 Enjoy!

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Product List

Much love

Michelle xx


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