Plan With Me | Bullet Journal | January 2018

Wow, I see all these memes on Facebook about the period between Christmas and New Year and not knowing what day it is and that’s exactly why I am sat writing this blog post at 8pm on New Years Eve… and the exact reason that I use a planner to keep track of my life, without one I’d be dropping the kids off at school on a Sunday and all sorts.

There is always a buzz in the planner community on New Year, we all love cracking open our new diaries and journals and setting our dreams, plans and aspirations for the new year (an in-depth blog post about that coming tomorrow.) This year the new year starts on a Monday, yeah alright you knew that already,  but this means that not only do we get to open a brand new planner on a brand new week it’s also a brand new year. If you are not a planner then I’m sorry if I’m totally geeking out right now!


So you know from my 2018 Bullet Journal set up video that I am in a new Scribbles That Matter dot grid notebook which I totally adore, it sits inside my custom made UglyDori (shop opening again real soon).

I created my title page using stamps and Smoky Grey Ink (SU) Bermuda Bay (SU) is my colour for January so I used the watercolour pencil to create the hair around the stamped images and underline the title. I also decided that I’d mark 2 squares on the side of each page so that I can tell what pages belong to January, next month I will move down a square and use a different colour.


As you turn the page you land on my humble and not very decorated month on 2 page spread, again colour coded with Bermuda Bay (SU) but that’s as far as the decoration goes, I had set out to create some inspirational and artistic pages but I love the simplicity of the clean lines and pops of colour.

I have my word of the month “Routine” on the bottom of the page (again a full blog post coming up on that this week) and a column on the right-hand side for a To Do list.

After that is a basic habit and mood tracker with a week on one-page layout on the right-hand page. My journey with Bullet Journalling has evolved since I started, I used to find it a struggle to fit everything on my week on two-page spreads and condensing my weekly onto one page seemed a bit of a move of madness but this year I am also trying out daily spreads.


I have a reminder for what days I have blog posts/videos due (ironic?) and my meals I plan to shop for the week and list the meals I have the ingredients to make then chose what I want to cook (read here.. can be bothered to cook) and cross them off as I go, that way I’m not restricted to what I eat on what day.


My daily page is fairly basic but I am hoping it will evolve over the weeks. I have the timeline down the side of the page and I am working in 30-minute increments. I plan on logging the time even if I spent it, especially if I spent it, sat on social media as being more productive with my time is one of my biggest goals for January!

As always the full process is at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

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