What Planners I use and Why? Planner Girls Collective!

The Planner Girls Collective is back! If you haven’t hear of us before then I will brefily explain: We are a bunch of planner/stationery bloggers who get together every other Monday and bring you a planner/stationery based topic that we all blog about. Its a great way to see how we each interperate the topic, this week we are showing you what planners we use and why we use them!

I’ve had a change around this week as my bujo, although I love it and have been very content using it, just isnt fitting my needs anymore. I needed a planner that I can carry around with me that has an hourly layout where I can book appointments in.

My Hobonichi Cousins has the perfect layout and although I’ve been using it as an art journal I have no issues converting its use to a planner again. In the front section I have my financial tracker which is something I’ve been wanting to track for a while now. Iuse the monthly section to pre plan everything and the weekly to block out my appointments and filming/blogging time. I’m really going to enjoy having the daily sections too and plan to use them as a functional page but to also record days out/events too.


I haven’t abandoned my Scribbles That Matter bullet journal totally, I’m still ujsing it for my trackes and collections. It’s still in my custom UglyDori and Ithink i’ll still decorate a monthly title page jst so that I can see its progression through the year and have some kind of a date stamp throughout the book.

And finally, my Hobonichi A6, i love this size and had planned on using this as my on the go planner but it has no weekly layout and my brain needs to see a week at a glance to even begin to function for appointments and schedules. I’m using this little guy (in a custom UglyDori cover) as a bit of everything… I plan on filling it in with something i’m grateful for that day or a quote that sums up my day. If I find that I dont use it every day i’ll add a post it note with a quote and go back and make it fancy when I have the chance!


So there we have it, I’m a fickle mare and have already chanced my mind a million times this year and its only February… I’m not even mentioning the B6 Traveler’s Notebook that I had made for me this week and have not even gotten past the setting up stage or the Bullet Journal that is sat on my desk with only a few pages filled in.. hey ho a girl’s allowed to change her mind right?

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4 thoughts on “What Planners I use and Why? Planner Girls Collective!

  1. I’ve fallen behind with my bujo but hoping to reignite it later on today. I think I need to do weekly spreads till end of March. Doing the spread each weekend doesn’t seem to work for me any more. Love your travellers planners.


    1. Aww thank you. Yes i think its the not having the space to pre plan that wasn’t working for me. I do miss the creatiity of having the hand drawn layouts but I was never as creative as others anyway 🙂 x


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