Envelope Punch Board, How to make an envelope!

Ok so earlier we made a card/money wallet but having a card without an envelope is just no good so in this tutorial I am going to show you how to make envelopes, of any size, using an envelope punch board!


The punch board makes it easy to make any size envelope, all you need to do is use the chart on the front to find the size of your card, this chart will give you a paper size and a score measurement. As always the full process video is at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Cut you page down to the paper size specified and then line the edge up with the corrisponding score mark on the board ensuring that the side of the paper you’d like on the outside of your envelope is facing down onto the board.

Punch the paper and score on the first size, then turn your paper and line the score line up with the little marker under the punch button, do this on the remaining sides so that each of the 4 sides have a punch mark and a score line.

Then its as simple as folding each side in and using your fast fuse to adhere 3 of the flaps before putting your card inside and sealing the fourth!

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