Bullet Journal/Traveller’s Notebook Flip Through

It feels like forever since I last shared a post about my current planner set up, I think that because I am a functional planner rather than a “pretty” planner I don’t really have as much to share as someone who creates beautiful spreads every week.


I have really found my groove in my Hobonic Cousins so haven’t felt the need to change things up for a while although I have added a bullet journal insert into my A5 UglyDori so that I have more space each month to record and keep track of a few things.

The front insert was made for me by my friend Cally, she is new to planning and had been making inserts for her UglyDori so decided to make me this one too. I love it, the pocket inside holds any loose information that I need to carry around with me. Its made from wallpaper so is very sturdy and will put up with even my heavy handedness!

The next insert is my May bullet journal insert, I made this myself using some new papers from Stampin’ Up! The dot grid paper I downloaded from THIS WEBSITE Inside I have a monthly overview, Mood tracker, Zombie Run tracker, Youtube filming schedule for both of our channels, a page to track the UglyBug Crafty Club (more info HERE) then I have pages to track our shifts and work details. The rest of the booklet I have left black to fill in as I go.


My Hobonichi is just my planner peace. I have added some tabs down the side so that I can access the months of the weekly layout with ease. I use the monthly overview to record any recurring occasions like bills etc but I find myself heading straight to the weekly layout when I need to schedule an appointment or a deadline reminder. I find the timed weekly layout is perfect for me to see at a glance of what I have going on when and the sidebar I use for “To Do” lists.

I love to sit, every morning, for 15 minutes with a cup of coffee and have a flick through of my planner, I go back over the past few days to see if I have missed anything important and ahead a few days to see what I need to plan for. This is when I find myself using the daily pages. I write notes of what I need to get don and fill in my timeline. This really helps to cement things into my head and I find that, even with my foggy brain, I am more productive and less forgetful using this system.

What planners are you using? I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you have a planning system that’s working for you. Also if you have any other ideas for bullet journal spreads that I may find useful 🙂


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