Unboxing – Mrs Snowballs Bubble Boutique Subscription Box

May see’s the 2nd bath bomb subscription box from Mrs Snowballs Bubble Boutique, last month I didn’t get round to filming an unboxing as the girls wanted it for their channel and then we used the products before we could film anything. This month I didn’t give them the chance to swag anything and filmed it before they even knew it was in the house, nasty mummy hahaha.

This month Leanne has sent everything in different packaging and is asking for us to vote on our favourite. The box included some collagen eye masks, black head mask and a mini sticker sheet to mark off when the next box is out etc.

There were 5 bath bomb products, the first Splatoon cam in a plastic pod which was then shrink wrapped. You guys know that I am on a mission to reduce my use of plastic so my initial thoughs were that this would be my least favourite packaging method.

The colours in Splatoon are really vibrant and the scent had a very sweetie vibe with citrus undertones. Not an overpowering scent and possibly one I’d use on a morning when I wanted to feel a bit upbeat about the coming day. Its a very heavy and dense bath bomb which means the fizz should product a lot of bubbles which is just how I like it!

Bubble me Beautiful came in a paper bag, I love that these bags are eco-friendly but it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing packaging. This is my favourite scent that Leanne currently sells and the bomb turns the bath a lovely pale blue, the girls call this one their mermaid bath.

This is the first time I have seen this new shape of Lea’s and the first time of trying this scent. If you like retro sweets (ermm who doesn’t!!) then you’ll love this. I already know that I am going to fail in my description of this scent so please bare with me on this haha. Although it smells like the candy heart sweets it doesn’t have a sweet scent (see I told you haha). It reminds me of a perfume but typically the name has failed me. I love the shape of the bar and Leanne tells me that once laid on the bottom of the bath there will be a heart-shaped fizz. I would love to say that this is one I am looking forward to but I already know that this will be one that the girls will go for first.

Hands down my favourite this month! The only word that I can use to describe this scent is “holiday” at my first sniff I was sent spiralling back through time to the last summer holiday we took. You know the moment that you step out the shower after a long day sunbathing when you put your lotion on and your skin is warm and tanned Well that’s exactly what I was reminded of with this bath bomb. I love the colours and the horn shape is super cute. It came wrapped in tissue paper which was tied with some sparkly tulle ribbon.


Lastly, we had this rose. I love the size of this and the fact that it came packed in it’s own little sealed bag meant that any dust that fell off was contained and could be emptied into the bath. The colour is really fun and the scent followed the sweet theme.


So which was your favourite? Which packaging do you prefer? If I was buying in person then I would love to see everything wrapped in tissue paper. Its biodegradable and can be reused in art and craft projects and it looks really lovely to give as gifts to people too. But via the post, I think I prefer the plastic packaging.  As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is for things to arrive in immaculate condition and how much parcels go through en route to their destination. The plastic packaging feels more protected and if anything does happen to the box that could damage the bath bombs then all the crumbs would remain in the pot and could still be used.

The boxes retail at £15.90 posted, which I think is amazing value. You can keep up to date with new releases and future boxes over on Leanne’s Facebook page HERE.



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