How to use your Ipad to plan (Digital Plan With Me)

A few weeks ago I purchased the IPad 9.7” and Apple Pencil. I had no inclination, at the time, to use them to plan digitally but I soon fell down that rabbit hole when I stumbled across a video of someone using a pre-purchased planner and an app called good notes.

I had been happily planning in my hobonichi and loving it but I had noticed that a few times I had needed it when out and hadn’t had it to hand, it also made me really sad when I had to cross out an appointment. I tried using erasable pens but was a bit hesitant as have heard the ink can erase in heat and I worried that I’d lose my appointments from it.

So I decided to give digital planning a try. I purchased this planner on Etsy as it was the closest to the hobonichi layout that I love. My only gripe with it is that the monthly layout starts on a Sunday. The page tabs are all interactive so you can jump to different months and you can even flip through the pages.

IMG_0031 2

I use my Apple Pencil to write my appointments in and love that I can lasso information and move it about.

Having daily pages in my Hobonichi meant that I can have daily To Do lists but I found that once a page was turned I sometimes missed tasks that I had forgotten to migrate. Now I have my lists, including the to do, at the back and simply rewrite every day, copying things over and erasing the previous day’s lists. It works great!

IMG_0032 2

For this layout, I used the FREE potter stickers that I posted last year that you can find HERE. I’m thinking of bringing back the freebies and am busy working on them for you.








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