Mixed Media ALTERED Art Journal

For a while now I have been using this sketchbook as an art journal, the paper isn’t perfect for mixed media but it was a gift and I wanted to make sure that I use it. With a bit of Gesso the pages hold up quite well. However, the cover was plain and uninspiring so I decided to “jazz it up a bit” by going a bit mixed media with it.

Using a piece of scrap paper, behind the front cover, to create a shield for the pages in the book I then when on to gesso the front page. In the video you will see that I used a cheap kids paint brush, I find that these give you a great texture with very little effort… the only thing you do have to do is to remove a few bristles off your page every now and then.

Once the gesso had dried I used matt medium to stick down some scraps of sheet music, make sure you apply the product not only under the paper but over too as this helps to seal the paper down.


By mixing the embossing paste with a few drops of ink I was able to create a brown coloured paste to use for my wall, I wanted a couple of the bricks showing through in their natural state so didn’t want to stick with a white paste.

I found a few layers of Tulle that I stuck down with matt medium and went over with my heat tool, this gave an awesome texture which I was really pleased with.


Although I wanted to use the fabric flower I knew that I didn’t want it to remain ivory so decided to test out painting it first. It worked really well and I decided to go with it. In fact, once all the embellishments were stuck down I went over them all with the paint to blend everything in together.


I love how it turned out, have you ever altered a book like this?

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