Worknotes Bullet Journal Review and Set Up : Blog Planner

Because of my focus on Stampin’ Up! lately, I’ve not really had any opportunities to review many new products so was delighted when I received an email from the guys at Workflow reached out and asked if I’d like to review their Worknotes journals.

chose 4 different sizes and a mix of the grid and dot grid books. Before they arrived I checked out their Amazon reviews and one the stuck out was a one-star review which questioned the addition of the page markings at the top and bottom of the page. I must admit I worried how I would incorporate these into my spreads but once the books arrived and I started to create my pages I realised that on the pages without a title I hardly noticed the boxes and with the pages that I wanted to include a title I actually liked having the titles be uniform through the books.

The biggest plus point in all these notebooks are the excellent quality, perforated, pages. The took my heavy colouring with Crayola Supertips really well with very minimal shadowing through to the reverse side.

The books I chose were:

WORKNOTES a6 grid notebook – The notebook for creatives and creators from workflo, 192 perforated pages, 100 gsm, hardcover, blackA6 Grid Notebook – £10.30

This is a 100 GSM Hardcover notebook with 192 pages. I love the size of this and plan on having this as my every day, carry in my bag, notebook.

Worknotes A5 Dotted Notebook – The Notebook for creatives and Creators from Workflo, 192 Perforated Pages, 100 GSM, Hardcover, BlackA5 Dotted Notebook – £13.90

You’ll probably see a lot of this notebook as it’s now set up as my monthly blog planner and I intend on showing you weekly videos on how I use it to plan my blog and YouTube content for both my channels. It has the same 192 perforated pages as the A6 and is also a hard cover.

Worknotes Notebook B5 grid notebook iPad size – The notebook for creatives and creators, 128 perforated pages, 80 gsm, hardcover, black …B5 Grid Notebook  – £12.80

Now this was a size that I had never considered before but have seen a few people in groups asking for. I decided to try it out and see what I thought of the size and I must say I think its great. It’s a bit bigger than the A5 so more room for writing and I went for a soft cover so it’s a bit more flexible, I think this would be an ideal size for taking notes at meetings or for carrying to school.

The book I chose only has 128 pages and is 80gsm so probably not as great to use heavy colouring on as the shadowing would be a bit more noticeable than the 100gsm paper in the other booklets. I am going to do some test pages and will let you know the outcome.

Worknotes%20a4 squared Notebook The Notebook For Creative and Doer – 192 Perforated Pages 100 g/qm, Hard Cover, Black …A4 Grid Notebook – £17

A pretty standard and average size for a notebook, 128 perforated pages of 100gsm square grid paper.

I’ve not totally decided what to do with this book yet, it may be one that sits there for a while until inspiration hits. I think this size would be a bit big to carry around on a regular basis but is ideal for a desk planner/notebook.

Each of these books are Black in colour with an orange elasticated closure band and pen loop. They have 2 ribbons, one black one orange, to mark your pages. At the front, there are a few pages of already mapped out grids which could come in handy for habit trackers etc. At the back, there is a large pocket for storing receipts etc.

I love that the pages are perforated, this was a major plus for me. I like to remove information that is no longer relevant to me and this made that job easier and neater. On the whole I think the books are well worth their price, I dont think I would go and purchase the A6 or A4 as its just not a size I would use that often but the B5 and A5 notebooks I would, without hessitation, purchase!

These notebooks are available to purchase via Amazon now, The links that I have left in the header of each book will take you straight to the listing, these are affiliate links and if you chose to purchase through them I receive a small commission (at no cost to you what so ever). The fact that I received these for free has not influenced my review at all and these are all my own words.

I’d like to thank Workflo for asking me to review their books.

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