Online Workshop – Make Your Own Paper Traveler’s Notebook (Kit Included)

You guys know I love my Traveler’s notebooks, i’ve been using mine to scrapbook and memory keep in for a good while now but I do miss changing covers and getting creative.

So I have created a workshop, including physical kit that will be sent to you for the end of september, where we will create our very own TNs made from some amazing halloween themed paper.


As always the kit will also include die cuts, stickers, washi etc with plenty of everything left over to use iin your other projects.

All you need is a paper trimmer and hole punch, everything else is included! We’ll make 3 signitures (inserts) to go inside and I’ll show you how I decorate mine so that all I need to do is add the photos in daily.

Due to the theme and time limit sign up will close on the  Wednesday 19th September at 6pm so click the button below and sign up now!!

October Crafty Club – Traveler’s Notebook Workshop

You will recieve a physical kit via the post in the last week of September. Kit contains a selection of products to make your very own paper tn with lots left over for other projects


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