April UglyBugPlans Planner Kit

It feels a bit strange that this is going to be the last ever UglyBug Planner Kit. I am super excited to be growing my business and in the direction which it is heading but these kits have been a massive part of my life for the past year, it is going to feel very strange having an empty diary this time next month lol.

I have filmed an unboxing video which is live now, if you’d like to view the kit contents, obviously if you’d like to keep it a surprise then hold off for a few days!

I’ve made this months a bumper kit as a thank you to all my lovely subscribers!!

There are a few more kits left over on my Etsy store but I won’t be renewing them so once they are sold out they are gone forever!


VIP Hostess Club

VipVery exciting news here at UglyBug Towers! I have launched a brand new club which is very exclusive and very rewarding.. in fact it is the most reward program I run.. which is why it is called VIP!

What is VIP Hostess Club? It is a group of 6 customers who each agree to spend a minimum of £25 per month on Stampin’ Up! products.. they are products of your choosing from the current catalogues (and any new catalogue that is released in the time frame). It will run for 6 months with each of you taking a turn at being the hostess and receiving the hostess benefits that month! You can still take advantage of any promotion that SU! may be running at the time (sale a bration etc).

Once we have 6 ladies I will enter you all into a secret group on Facebook and will draw, live, all your names and what month you will be the hostess.. in your month you are more than welcome to collect outside orders or place a higher order yourself, to take advantage of the higher hostess rewards you will earn.

At the end of the 6 months everyone will receive a free gift, from myself, and will have first dibs on spaces for the next 6 months!

All orders must be paid for by the 10th of the month, will be ordered on the 10th and sent to you within a week. You can, of course, pay before this date too!

To join, simply fill this form in with “VIP Hostess” in the subject line and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hugs xx



IMG_3276I had planned on blogging yesterday, I had a series of unfortunate events happen.. including blocking my debit card in a petrol station when I had just filled my car up.. argh, nightmare!

At about the time I sat down to write my “pity party” post I noticed the BBC’s live newsfeed from Westminster… in an instant my worries became silly insignificances and I sat transfixed to the news.. now this blog is not the correct setting to go into my views about what happened so I’m not going to focus on that but it did make me realise how grateful I am to live a “charmed” life and, even though some months we don’t have much left once we’ve paid the bills, the bills are paid and there is food in the cupboard and clothes on our backs, our children are happy and healthy and I’ll be forever thankful for that!

Now how could I leave you guys out?? I am so thankful to everyone of you, you make my little business what it is and every recommendation, review and link you post helps my little brand to grow and be seen, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!

My heart really does go out to everyone affected by yesterday’s (and any other) terrorist attacks, in the country and abroad.

Hugs xx








First online workshop : well that went well!!

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone!! It’s one thing recording videos for YouTube where you don’t really know who will watch them, if anyone at all, yes you see the watch count go up but it’s just numbers: not actual people, right?

Well this weekend I hosted my first online workshop for Stampin’ Up! It went so well! This was a joint venture between the two of us and without Louise being there to post the challenges and keep me on track (yeah ok I may have missed 1 live video.. but I think I redeemed myself lol) it could have all gone to pot.

Before the weekend kicked off we had a few people contact us to say the kit wasn’t what they thought, I think they expected it to be more like the current scrapbook kits that are available at the minute, they didn’t realise that they were part of a weekend workshop, I think we managed to redeem ourselves… well I hope we did!

I don’t often speak openly about my anxiety and depression as I find I cope better when I face it in my own way, anxiety has been an issue these past few weeks but having these girls in the group and crafting with them this weekend has really done me wonders and I literally wish I could reach out and hug every one of them!! 

Tomorrow spaces for next months workshop go on sale, We will be using the pop of pink products and I have already started working on the projects! We’d love to know what you’d like to see made so few free to leave a comment down below and don’t forget to look out for tomorrow’s newsletter which will contain all the details about signing up for the next class!

Carries Fund – Update

As of right this minute we have managed to raised £142.50 which is amazing. I had planned on emailing everyone their ticket numbers but figured this would be an easier way to ensure everyone can see their numbers 🙂

To purchase tickets or to find out more about the amazing cause we are raising money for please see the previous post HERE!

I have had lots of people contact me with offers of donations, we will be holding a seperate raffle after this one which will have a variety of goods from a hand painted canvas to wine and smellies, if you have anything you’d like to donate to that then please get in touch!

Stampin’ Up! Online Party, free gifts and rewards.

I know I have posted loads in here today.. I feel like spamella… this is the last one I promise!!

Tonight in my Facebook group i’m having an online party (but you are in my group so you totes knew that right??) I’ll be showcasing a couple of my favourite ranges and giving ideas of what you can do with them in both the craft and planning aspects.

Anyone who places and order over £20 will receive a free gift from me, anyone placing orders over £45 will receive a gift from myself and a free item from the Sale-A-Bration catalogue.

Now obviously its better if you can be at the event tonight (LINK HERE).. but if you cant make it then you can still take advantage of the freebies by placing an order via my online shop HERE and using hostess code CYYCVKD6 (which goes in the 2nd box down on the checkout page).

I’m off to prepare for the party in true paper craft style… by taking my todo list and having a browse of the catalogue.. as if i don’t know it off by heart haha!

3 month goal update, Shop news!!

At the beginning of this yea, as you do, I sat down with a notepad and pen and wrote myself out some targets for the next 3/6/9/12 months.. They weren’t particularly mega goals but they were the things I really wanted to achieve.. They were:

  • To grow my Blog, Youtube and Social media following
  • To balance work/life commitments
  • To build up UglyBugPlans and the UglyDoris so that it is earning a sustainable living
  • To be happy in what I am doing and create more

The first month went great, I had a plan for my blog and Youtube, I was creating content and engaging with followers. My work/life balance left a lot to be desired and as I build up the planner accessory side of the business my blog content and family time decreased, this made me sad!

I loved co-organinsing Pamper & Plan this year and struggled to find a decent Stampin’ Up! demo to come along and show off all the pretties.. so i went back to my old team leader and joined up again myself.. when I first started with Stampin’ Up! I joined for my love of their products.. I use them for scrapbooking and in my planner and I really missed the benefit of the discount you receive as an Independent Demonstrator. I joined as a “hobby demo” which means I order products for myself but don’t have it as a business.. that soon changed.

So here I was a few days back.. in front of my computer trying to bring myself to design some stickers when all I wanted to do was to make pretty things, a quick conference call to my SU team leader (who is bloody amazing by the way) and she gave me some pointers and tips on how I could achieve my targets and that was it, I knew that this how I want to progress my business.

From my blog and YouTube point of view you won’t see any difference at all..I will still be creating posts that are both paper based and Planner based.. but for our shop it sadly means that all planner accessories will be disappearing from our stock. We have some exciting new lines coming up for leather planners which will all be listed both on the etsy store and on our website. This month will be the last month that the planner kits are sold..

I am really excited about this change and I hope you are too, I am always looking to recruit new members into my team and to help coach you to building your own business.. if this interests you then please drop me a private message or use the link to be taken to the join up page.

Thank you for all your support over the past 9 months, I hope the next 9 are just as eventful.

Much love