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Planner Girls Collective : Creative Journalling

As much as I wanted to journal today about our recent trip to the Harry Potter Studios I really wanted to get this page in my journal finished too.. My bestie had a baby a couple of weeks ago and I am totally smitten with him.. he is a tiny dot and I swear I feel my uterus do a little dance whenever I see him!! A few hours after he was born Eadie and I were lucky enough to go and visit them in the hospital and that is where we fell head over heels with him!

I used my new LG pocket printer to print the small photo, I love it as it is adhesive paper which makes using it on the go a real delight.

Product Ingredients:

You can view the process video HERE!

If you have been inspired by this project then I would love to see your creation, you can reach me by tagging me @uglybugplans on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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Planner Girl Collective : Why I Plan, Why I Started, My Journey!

ohhhhh boy… this may be a bit long and bits of this story you would have heard before but this will be the gritty version!

Ok so most planner girls will tell you that there planner journey started with the Filofax Funfax.. remember that?? I know right.. how amazing were all those facts and stickers.. I used to feel Uber smart and organised! There was nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning to find a new insert in my stocking.. I’m sure my mum and dad… opps I mean Santa..used to chose that present on purpose just to keep me quite.. I mean what planner girl can resist popping her inserts straight into the planner and filling out your details, Its still one of my favourite things to do with a new planner.. after I sniff it of course!

Ok so moving on past the point of being 10 years old.. I always tried to keep a journal (well diary as it was then called, when did journal replace diary? Is it an age thing?) but after the first few entries I forgot until the next year when I’d pledge to write in it each and every day, of course I never stuck it out, i’m not a habitual person so it never came naturally to me. I can never make up my mind if thats a good or bad thing, all that teenage angst and hormones haha.

So, in my 20’s now and I am still an undercover stationery addict, I worked in offices and there was nothing I liked more than organising the stationery cupboard. When I moved jobs and started working in a telecoms company part of my job was recruiting and we used agencies.. well they love to fight for your custom and plied me with stationery to my hearts content. One Christmas my rep brought me a planner, it was simple but I loved it! I used it every day that year and even though all our diaries were digital I had everything recorded in that planner.. no calling the office to find out appointment information when I couldn’t access my phone abroad.. win right there ha!

I can’t remember what happened to that planner but thats no surprise, seeing as I have moved country 4 times since then and had several houses. I’d always go into WHSmiths and Staples and eye up the planners though, the only thing that held me back was that I never seemed to have an interesting enough life to fill one.

After I had my children I started an online crochet company, I only sold a few things but having 3 children under the age of 2 and running a business had my head in a pickle! I actually stumbled across a Filofax domino, personal size, in Sainsbury’s for £2 and snapped it straight up. The inserts were out of date and as soon as I got in I started searching online to replace them, thats when I found this massive online planner and stationery community.. it was like finding my tribe!


Now days I have several planners that I use for a variety of functions, I have an Erin Condren Life Planner, A recollections planner, several UglyDori traveler’s notebooks and have recently started to collect Filofax Originals!

So thats my planner journey, I know it may seem a bit crazy and obsessive to those who don’t share our passion and we are often asked WHY we plan? I cannot answer for everyone but I plan for a few reasons. My memory is shocking, if its not written down its not happening so I have a master planner that literally everything goes in. Then I have my daily planner that i use a bullet journal style in, this helps me to break down my day and focus on important tasks, it is also my blog planner so that I know what I have coming up and what I need to prepare.

I also use planners as a memory keeping tool, I still don’t update it every day but I am a lot better than my teenage diary and these have no angst or hormones to be seen (well mostly none haha) I use it to bullet point the important events in that day that I might want to remember later on in life, a silly thing that the children have said or done or a milestone for myself, it is this planner that comes out every week when I sit to update my memory keeping and scrapbooking albums!

For me planning is therapeutic, I suffer with anxiety and having everything written down helps me to avoid anxiety attacks. It also helps when I feel an attack creating up on me, i pull out my planner and make some lists and most of the time it helps to reduce the anxiety and stress to a level that I can function with.

So there we go, my planning journey and reasons.. in summary: to keep my shit together and my head from feeling battered and cluttered 🙂

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Planner Girls Collective – Spring Bucket List

I do love our weekly posts when they include some form of creativity so as soon as I read today’s topic of “Spring Bucket List” I knew it was going in my art journal and I had just the stamp set for it! To view the process video click HERE!

Firstly I created the blue background using some toilet paper and my blue ink pad, then I double stamped around the border to give the flowers more texture.

I love how it turned out, it was so simple to do but looks so effective, it could easily be used on letter paper too for those of you Witney pen pals!

Tempting Turquoise

Flirty Flamingo

Old Olive

Peekaboo Peach

The stamp set I used was Avant-Garden which available free, until the end of March, with a purchase of £45

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PGC – Mothers Day Gifts

We’ve been discussing crafty mothers day gifts this week, from the point of a mother I would love crafty gifts from my kids, anything we could do together would be even better but it is a very hard thing to get “right” I use a particular brand of products which are not available in the shops: however I would love something hand made from my kids.. a cute picture or card would literally make

My Mother’s Day complete!

So what’s different with my mum? Would she appreciate a hand made gift more than something shop brought? I think so! All mums would prefer something from the heart rather than the shop which is why this year I will be making her a paper succulents garden to match her decor, I know that my mum will appreciate the gesture every time she looks at it.

I must admit I wasn’t taken with this kit the first time I looked at it in the catalogue but I’ve seen some amazing looking wreaths and boxes on Pinterest that I cannot wait to try!

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Papercraft, PGC

PGC – Budget Planner/Craft ideas

I absolutely love a bargain and when you have hobbies as expensive as arts and crafts money that can be saved is a big plus for me.

Over the years I have made some mistakes with purchases and found that something’s you can get away with buying cheap but others you really do need to invest money to save money, if that even makes sense.

From my personal experience I have found that “consumable supplies” for want of a better description can be brought cheaply, “tools” on the other hand are always worth investing it!

Take paints for example, you can buy cheaper water colour or acrylic paints and use them with middle to top range brushes and get the same effect as more expensive paints: however if you take expensive paints and use them with cheap brushes then I am never really happy with the end result. 

Now, I’m not telling you to run out and spend a fortune I just think that if you are going to invest money in art supplies then it’s worth knowing where to invest them (even though I’d sell my left kidney for a Jane Davenport art set).

Silhouette portrait : yes I know it’s not really a bargain purchase, they RRP at around £145 but if you are a crafter or planner then they are worth their weight in gold. The average planner sticker “kit” costs approx £10-£15 a week ready cut and shipped, you can pick up free printable kits from a variety of websites, a simple Google of “free planner printables” brings up an array of websites. With a silhouette you can print these over and over again for the price of a few sheets of sticker paper.

I’ve used my silhouette portrait for paper cuts, ephemera, dashboards, die cuts, alphas and so much more, literally every project has something in it which I’ve used my silhouette for: so although they may not be a cheap purchase I definitely think that overall they are a must have purchase.

Group buy ins : there are several groups on Facebook (mine is here) which offer buy ins. How these work is that wholesalers sell to retailers but we have to put minimum orders in, so rather than order in bulk of one product we have buy in groups that allow people to purchase at wholesale prices, then the rest of the stock we can place up for sale at retail prices. There are buy in groups for literally anything, mine is for planner and paper craft items and we have lots of different brands. 

Shops : B&M have really upped their craft game lately, I was in there a few days ago and brought 40 acrylic paints for £6.99, rolls of washi tape for £1.99 and packs of alpha stickers for £1.49. Hobbycraft have their value range which I often use and their “budget” range (artist loft) is my mostly used supplies.

If you are just starting out with crafting or planning the top 5 budget items I recommend is; (assuming you have your planner/art book) 

White cardstock, either A4 or 12×12. I use white 12×12 as backgrounds for scrapbooking and use patterned paper for the accents.

Washi tape, can be used for crafts and planning, they can be brought cheaply and last a while. 

Punches, can be picked up cheaply and can be used to punch decorative edges in planner or to embellish pages.

Ink pads, can be used for stamping in Planners or craft projects, call also be used with Aqua brushes to create a water colour effect.

Background stamps, these can be picked up dirt cheap and are often free with magazines, they can be used in Planners and art projects and give a texture to your page, layer them with colours to compliment your embellishments to make them pop on the page. – Emma-Louise Smith – Kelly Vizma… – Vicky Buckley… – Jo Whight – Amy Hunt – Rej Relova – Rej Relova – Haley Daley-Hannibal… – Louise Parkinson – Alyson Duncan – Hannah Saadat Jones Stephanie Kaye… Debbie Binnersley… Hannah Marriage (Smith on FB) Sally Bartlett


Planner Girl Collective : Latest Stationery Purchases

Eppppp, as soon as I read today’s title I knew it would be more of a confession post than anything else.. I never think I buy that much but this is totally going to hold me accountable for my Stationery purchases.

Because I post my haul and unboxing videos I won’t list all the kits I’ve recently purchased (planner society and studio calico) instead I’ll show you what “small” purchases I have made that I normally wouldn’t think about! 

I purchased this dear lizzy journal in Hobycraft a short while ago, it was only £2 and is so much fun I had to have it.

On the same trip I also brought a pack of Becky Higgins page protectors for project life and some washi tape.

My last online purchase was from paperchase for the a6 rose gold lightbox and some washi tape.

And probably my most random purchase was a huge stack of moleskin notebooks from staples, they had an offer on and I wiped them out.. no idea when I’ll get round to using them but knowing I have them makes my geeky heart happy!!

Papercraft, PGC

Planner Girls Collective : My Favourite Planner/Stationery Shops


Ok Ok I know I post about my favourite shops alllll the time, I always like to buy from small business as oppose to larger corporations, being a small business myself I know the value in each and every customer and I always try to spread my business.. the months I cannot afford to spend I try to help promote and drive sales to their shops.. I believe that building smaller businesses is best for everyone..

… so you know I’m going to mention @thegeekyplanner, @hazydaysuk and @allthingspaperuk right?? I’ve covered each of these (in detail) before so I won’t go into them now..

Being quite a tight arse I actually don’t purchase that much, Little Rainbow Moon is someone who I love her shop and we have recently done some collab work, I have a haul video coming this week from her store, I find that as she uses her own artwork it really stands out and sings to my soul.

I tend to buy all my art supplies from HobbyCraft or The Works, I love ECLP for actual planners but I must admit her accessories seem really high in price and I don’t have a spare kidney to sell to fund a shopping spree..

..Unfortunately Amazon usually wins in all areas, although they are not always the cheapest I do love my Amazon Prime.. I love that I can think of something one day and it per here the next.. yay for Sunday deliveries. Another plus with prime over snail mail is that my mail doesn’t actually arrive until about 7pm and even then a first class letter can take a week to reach me lol.

But when I am on a binge and want to bulk out my craft supplies I head to as they have some amazing bargains, even if it is old stock, they do have a minimum spend and delivery is a bit pricey (but i begrudge paying shipping at all now thanks to Amazon Prime haha).

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Planner Girls Collective : Motivational Quotes


This weeks blog carnival topic is “Inspirational Quotes” now I’m sure we could all post a million pictures all with beautiful and meaningful quotes on them and I had considered that. Then I decided to go with, perhaps not the most motivational quote but the quote that motivates me the most (if that even makes sense) and that is “Work for free or for full price, NEVER for cheap” I’m not even sure who said it or where I first came across it but it really helps me in the days where I am feeling less than confident. Of course I do offers and sales in my shop but I refuse to work for less than my worth and I think that should be a rule we all live by.

That then led me to this, last year I designed some planner inserts (a5) and filmed them in a few different vlogs, someone reminded me the other day so I thought I would share them here as a free download, all I ask is that you do not use them for commercial purposes and if you do print and use them I’d love to see on social media using @uglybugplans. Please ignore the fact that they say 2016 as they are undated so can be used any year.






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Planner Girls Collective : 2016 Planner Review


Ohh it feels good to be back working on this planner carnival, last year we started this series as “Confessions of a Plannerholic” and it was just 2 of us and now it has grown into lots of lovely ladies all with different views and opinions, all talking about the same topic on every Monday. Emma has worked really hard to promote this series and bring such a diverse group of women together.. of course we all have planners and stationery in common which makes us all awesome!!

So this Monday’s post was meant to be for us to show off our 2017 set up and review on last years planner journey, because I have already blogged about my 2017 set up I will make this more of a reflective post on last year..

Before I start any blog post I like to have a little list of thoughts and ideas ready so that that the writing flows easily and from the list I made for today I can say one thing for 2016.. I couldn’t make my mind up haha..

I literally chopped and changed from an A5 planner which I used for functional planning to decorating it every week then onto a personal sized which again i chopped and changed from decorating to functional. I then ordered a new Erin Condren when they were released and loved that for a while.

I don’t think I really settled into a planning system until I purchased my first Travellers Notebook, then I knew I had a system that I could tailor to suit me, yes I know that you can do the same with a ring planner but to me the TNs just felt like “home” I started carrying it everywhere with me and then obviously the UglyDori was born.

I am starting this year with more planners than I have ever had on the go atone time and I am at peace with that, i’ve decided to let me creativity shine through decorating a memory planner and will carry on building my bullet journalling with me desk diary (unless my hints are picked up by my husband and an A5 hobonichi lands on my desk for my birthday haha).

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