IMG_3276I had planned on blogging yesterday, I had a series of unfortunate events happen.. including blocking my debit card in a petrol station when I had just filled my car up.. argh, nightmare!

At about the time I sat down to write my “pity party” post I noticed the BBC’s live newsfeed from Westminster… in an instant my worries became silly insignificances and I sat transfixed to the news.. now this blog is not the correct setting to go into my views about what happened so I’m not going to focus on that but it did make me realise how grateful I am to live a “charmed” life and, even though some months we don’t have much left once we’ve paid the bills, the bills are paid and there is food in the cupboard and clothes on our backs, our children are happy and healthy and I’ll be forever thankful for that!

Now how could I leave you guys out?? I am so thankful to everyone of you, you make my little business what it is and every recommendation, review and link you post helps my little brand to grow and be seen, so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!

My heart really does go out to everyone affected by yesterday’s (and any other) terrorist attacks, in the country and abroad.

Hugs xx









Teamie Tuesday!

Stampin’ Up! Really is for all levels of crafter and the products can be used in a variety of ways! In my little team we have scrapbookers, smashbookers, card makers, mixed media artists and many more talents. To showcase these to you I came up with “Teamie Tuesday” each week I will set a challenge and my team will interpret that anyway they wish and will make a project to show on their blogs and social media. This week, as some  are very new and have only just received their kit, I set the challenge of just making anything from their kit!

Due to the workshop this weekend I haven’t really had time to craft much but I have been making bows!! Yup bows haha!

I actually forgot how much I love my envelope punch board and every scrap of paper gets turned into a bow (and then stolen by one of my daughters the cheeky monkeys).

When I first purchased the envelope punch board I made lots of these in various sizes and attatched them to paperclips for my planners, here’s how to make them;

Cut 3 lengths of DSP at; 6″X1″ , 3.5″ x 1″ , .25″ x 1.25″

Take your biggest strip and place a corner in the centre of the punch:


Do that for all 4 corners:

Place one end of the DSP at 3″ and punch, then flip and do the other side:

Use the bone folder that comes with the board and gently run over the back of the paper so that it bend in.

Take your glue (I use glue dots) and glue each end to the centre:

Set that to one side!

Take the middle piece of paper and punch on the short sides:

And then at 1.75″ on both of the long sides:

Pop your glue dot on the centre and attatched the bow:

You can use a pen to round the bow and give it dimension or flatten it to use on projects like scrapbooking. I like to use double sided papers and revers the pattern for the bottom and smallest piece as it gives a nice contrast, they also look amazing in black and gold.

To purchase any of the above products you can visit my shop HERE… don’t forget to use the hostes code 7TY39NVG for a free gift from me with a spend over £20!

Please pop over to read the blogs of the rest of my teamies, some are new and would love the support!

Alyson – Scarlet Moon Crafts

Kelly – The Crafty Bat

Louise – Slow Cooking Crafty Girl

First online workshop : well that went well!!

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone!! It’s one thing recording videos for YouTube where you don’t really know who will watch them, if anyone at all, yes you see the watch count go up but it’s just numbers: not actual people, right?

Well this weekend I hosted my first online workshop for Stampin’ Up! It went so well! This was a joint venture between the two of us and without Louise being there to post the challenges and keep me on track (yeah ok I may have missed 1 live video.. but I think I redeemed myself lol) it could have all gone to pot.

Before the weekend kicked off we had a few people contact us to say the kit wasn’t what they thought, I think they expected it to be more like the current scrapbook kits that are available at the minute, they didn’t realise that they were part of a weekend workshop, I think we managed to redeem ourselves… well I hope we did!

I don’t often speak openly about my anxiety and depression as I find I cope better when I face it in my own way, anxiety has been an issue these past few weeks but having these girls in the group and crafting with them this weekend has really done me wonders and I literally wish I could reach out and hug every one of them!! 

Tomorrow spaces for next months workshop go on sale, We will be using the pop of pink products and I have already started working on the projects! We’d love to know what you’d like to see made so few free to leave a comment down below and don’t forget to look out for tomorrow’s newsletter which will contain all the details about signing up for the next class!

How to make a pocket folder for a Midori/Traveler’s Notebook

This folder was actually very simple to make, you only need a few supplies and can change the style of pockets to suit your planning needs. To view the video tutorial of this please click HERE.

You will need:

A4 card 

Designer Series Paper


Paper Trimmer/Scissors and ruler

Paper scorer

Magnetic or Velcro closure

How To:

  • First up you need to cut 4 pieces of DSP, 1 at 24cm x 12cm and 3 at 12cm x 6cm
  • Then with a scoring board or tool you need to score the biggest piece (with the 24cm being the top and the 12cm being the sides) at 1cm, 2cm and 3cm from each side and 1cm from the bottom
  • Score each of the 3 small pieces at 1cm on both of the sides (12cm being top and bottom and 6cm being the sides)
  • While you have your scoring board out, score the back plate (the a4 piece of card) at 11cm, 12cm, 23cm, 25cm
  • Use your bone folder to fold each score line, on the back plate, in the same direction and set aside.
  • Take the biggest piece of DSP and fold the scored edges in an accordion so it forms a kind of spring, fold the bottom piece over and add adhesive to each of the 3 flaps, line up with one of the sections on the back plate and press down.
  • With each of the 3 small card pockets you need to fold the flaps over and add adhesive to them, then add a small amount to the bottom of each pocket and adhere to the other section of the back plate.
  • Round the corners on the section of the back plate that will become the closure and attach the magnetic or velcro closure.
  • Make a small V in the top and bottom of the 1cm section that will be where your elastics fit, using some sharp pointed scissors.






























How to make a mini album/box card

As mothers day is approaching I wanted to make my mum a personalised card that she can keep, usually she ends up with 4 cards (and she probably still will) as everyone wants to write one for her, this mini album is going to have a photo of each of us and then what we most love about her.. I know its something she will keep long after all the shop brought cards have gone in the bin!

You can view the video tutorial HERE!


Designer Series Paper


Corner Punch

Trimmer/score combi

To start with I took a piece of 12×12 DSP from Stampin’ Ups! new “In Colour” range and a piece of the same coloured card stock.. Dapper Denim.. which is one of my favourite colours this season!

Cut and score as follows:

DSP; Cut 1 square at 6″x6″ and score a 1″ on all 4 sides. Cut 2nd at 5″x5″ and score at .5″ on all corners. Snip unto the score line on the top and bottom side and then cut a triangle from the fold over section so that each corner has a flat side and a triangle side. Add adhesive to the triangle and adhere to the inside of the lip to form a lid. Do this for both the top and bottom of your box.

The cut your card stock to 3.3/4″ high (I cut 2 strips this hight) and score them at 3.3/4″ until you get to the end of the card, this should leave a little flap.

Now fold your strip in a concertina. I rounded the corners here but you don’t have to. use the flap to adhere one strip to the other and then cut the end one off.

I used an alternative paper, cut to 3.5″ squares, that I adhered on 3 sides, to make pockets which can be used to store hidden journalling or little messages and tags.































Quick cards – from a non card maker!!

Although I’m a paper crafter I’ve never really got into card making but it’s so hard to stay away from when the catalogue is packed with lots of amazing inspiration.

I had 20 minutes to spare and a few bits of offcuts from a recent project so I decided to make some super quick and colourful cards to have on hand as I have some birthdays coming up.

This was the result, I made a few rookie errors and I really need to get the hang of adding the ink to the stamp and not pressing the stamp in the ink… to watch the quick process video click HERE!

For these cards I used the Birthday Fiesta range which you can find HERE! Don’t forget to use this months (Marc 2017) Hostess code 7TY39NVG and any order over £20 will receive a free gift from me!

Technophobe!! – UglyBug Newsletter & Giveaway

Ok so there is a reason that I love paper wayyy more than technology, you know where you stand with paper, it is innocent, does what you want it to do, doesn’t have a double agenda and would certainly  never double cross you by giving you information on google and then failing to do what you wanted it to when you followed the steps to.the.letter!!

Rant over!! anyone who would like to join my newsletter can do so by clicking this link and filling in your email address and first name. Newsletters will only go out once a month and will contain special offers, hostess codes and workshop information, you will be able to sign up for workshops through them and see the theme/products that we will be using that month. Newsletters go out on the 20th of the month and on the 21st of the month, at 8pm, there will be a question on my blog relating to the newsletter.. The first person to correctly answer the question will win an amazing prize of a brand new “Lift Me Up” stamp set!

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