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Setting up a Traveler’s Notebook Insert – Creative Journalling

For a while now I’ve been wanting an actual travel notebook in my Traveler’s Notebook.. I wanted to document all the places we have visited and our best and worst moments. I document all our holidays in our yearly albums but I wanted something that will come around with me and that I can document on the go.

I sat down and worked out all the places we have visited since we moved back to the UK in 2008 and now have space in this dedicated insert to document them all.. this insert is going to be a chunky beast by the time I’m finished.

You know how exciting a new journal is so I jumped right in and documented one of our trips to Butlins using the products from this months Craft Club Kit.. there are still a few left and sign up finishes on the 10th May!

This was such a fun project and I cannot wait to see this journal fill up. I filmed the set up of this insert along with the creating of this page which you can view HERE!

To browse the range of amazing products you can visit my online store HERE.. any online orders (not including Craft Club Kits)  in May, who use this hostess code QT3RQQ6V will receive a free gift from me!

Ingredients list;


Valentines Day Bucket List!! Art/Creative Journal

Today’s topic for our weekly Planner Girl Collective Post is “Valentines Day Bucket List” I love having buckets lists in my art journal and although we hardly celebrate Valentine’s Day (we both have our birthday between Christmas and Valentines so it’s never been a big elevation for us) we do always make sure we acknowlege it in small ways… we always have a nice meal and some sofa time without social media.

I started by watercolouring straight into my regular size art journal, it’s a chunky beast now and I love it..

I purchased the big stickers in paperchase  on my birthday and the big sheet of stickers I’ve had for ages, they are from the love story range from Lori Whitlock.

The washi is American Crafts that was recently stocked in TK Maxx.

I have the process video on my YouRube channel HERE – Emma-Louise Smith – Kelly Vizma… – Vicky Buckley… – Jo Whight – Amy Hunt – Rej Relova – Rej Relova – Haley Daley-Hannibal… – Louise Parkinson – Alyson Duncan – Hannah Saadat Jones Stephanie Kaye… Debbie Binnersley… Hannah Marriage (Smith on FB) Sally Bartlett


Memory Keeping

Bit of a scrappy girl

…not the kind of rugby scraps that I’m used to, just regular old scrapbooking!! I love it! 

When I first got into Project Life I had wanted to go down the scrapbook route but it was all very daunting and the layouts seemed very professional, I brought a tonne of books and then left them on my bookshelf.

This week a friend of mine posted a link for an online scrapbook crop on Facebook and I was intrigued, it cost £5 and I was added to a secret group… alas no secret handshake, yet!! 

I had 2 photos, from Trevor’s bodybuilding competition last year, that I hadn’t encoperated into a layout yet but really wanted to get documented… my feet got itchy and as a reward for finishing my exam I allocated myself some scrappy time..

Following a template I’d found on Google I attempted my first 12×12 page:

This is how she came out, for my first ever I was quite impressed 🙂

Although it’s mid February I’ve yet to start this years album as I couldn’t decide what to use, I’ve brought a smaller SN@P album but as soon as I’d done this layout I knew I wanted to stick with the 12×12 so that I can have a mash up of Project Life and scrap pages.

I love that I can be as arty as I want and bring mixed media into the pages, it means I no longer have to decide between art, crafting and documenting our lives.

This is the front page to our 2017 album, to view the process video click HERE


Planner stickers, Washi and Ephemera unboxing/haul : Little Rainbow Moon on Etsy

At the beginning of January I placed an order, via Etsy, from Jo at Little Rainbow Moon, she had a code running and I’d been wanting some of her ephemera and stickers for a while.

Her shipping time was 2 weeks as she has children and they were off school for the holidays, we all know how chaotic that is right? 

So last week the postie handed me my envelope of delicious happiness, I didn’t realise what it was at the time so tore it open only to find that it was my order. The kids were screaming around me and I was one Muuuummmmmm away from eating my feelings in chocolate cereal! But that’s the perfect time to record an unboxing right?? Perfect timing indeed! 

First out the bag was the super stunning feather washi, although the word feather seemed to evade me. To match the washi I ordered the sticker kit, in personal planner size, to fit my a6 UglyDori and the matching ephemera pack.

I also ordered another sticker kit along with a sheet of feather stickers on transparent sticker paper and a galaxy ephemera pack… for no other reason than they are so stinking cute!! 

If you are into art journalling then you really have to check out Jo’s shop, the stickers and ephemera are her own stunning art work.


Journal With Me : 1 : Setting up my A5 UglyDori as a Creative/Art Journal

At the end of last year I asked Trevor to make me a custom A5 UglyDori that I could use as a creative/art journal, he done me proud (as always) and made this beauty.. it is extra symbolic as that skull on the front is the exact design of the tattoo on my arm 😍 he’s a clever cookie!

It was always my intention to start using it in 2017 but I felt a bit stumped as I had a few different inserts, which were not A5, from last year which were quite empty and I didn’t want to feel like I was abandoning them. I even brought an A5 sketch book to doodle in whilst I tried to make up my mind.

So yesterday a migraine caused me to cancel all my plans and once I’d slept off the worst of it I began, as you do, watching YouTube for inspiration. 

Within an hour or 2 I was out of bed and in my (dimly lit) craft room, I’d remembered Octobers Studio Calico kits that I’d squirrelled away and knew they would be perfect.

I am really happy with the result, I have already decided that one of the A5 notepads will be a memory journal that I’ve already started setting up to record mine and Trevor’s relation ship. The other notebook is where I’ll jot down ideas for art/creative journals and make lists.

I’ve just signed up for the planner society kit and I cannot wait to receive my first one and have a go at setting up one of my other UglyDoris.

You can watch the process video HERE


Confessions of a Plannerholic: Christmas Bucket List

Hello…??? Is anyone there??? Or have you all left me because I have deserted you the past couple of weeks? ….. ahh good, I knew you lovely bunch wouldn’t leave me.

So I know it’s Sunday and I “should” be posting a Plan My Week post but to be honest lift is just crazy busy.. the kids have so many social engagements, the shop is busy and I’m trying to prepare for Christmas and a holiday…. it’s mental!

Because of how busy we have been I haven’t really had time to get crafty, in fact I haven’t even had time to set up my new art journal….boo!! 

I did manage to grab 20 minutes last night to start my Christmas bucket list… I know not everyone celebrates Christmas and that’s totally fine but we do and as we are going away over the holidays I really wanted a list of all the things we would like to do.

Now I really am no artist but I would love to learn how to draw, I googled “how to draw a Christmas tree” and this came up..

Edited to add… I totally should have posted this tomorrow as prt of the COP series and I got muddled.. all the other girls from the series will be posting their bucket lists in the morning so make sure you go and check theirs out!!

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So I decided to give it a go!

I used my watercolour pencils and an aqua brush and although I’m not blown away by the finished article I am happy with it…. now I just need to fill in my actual list (Vin Diesel, The Rock and Paul Walker kept me far to occupied last night to finish it.)

I went totally old school on the lettering, I used to love bubble writing in my books, in fact I think my whole GCSE art folder was full of it haha.


My Crafty Week : Project Life, Art/Creative Journal

Rather than spam you with a tonne of posts during the week, I thought I’d Introduce a new weekly post where I share everything crafty and creative I’ve been creating during the week. I won’t go into massive detail on each item or we’ll be here for ages, but if you would like to know more details or where I brought products from then leave me a comment and I will post the information there for you.

Because I have a very short attention span and tend to chop and change crafts on a regular basis, the contents that I cover in these weekly posts will vary greatly.

I usually start the week by completing the  previous weeks Project Life, I’m keeping a “Project 52” album this year, where I document our weeks as they go by. I’ve just managed to get back on track and although I have weeks missing that I need to go back and complete, The past 2 weeks I’ve managed to finish my weekly spreads… Just a note about the picture of me in the middle…. I hate it!! I’ve no make up and was lying down, but I think it’s much more important to take the pictures and use them, they show us and our real lives and they are the memories we’ll look back on in future… We all have pictures that make us cringe, but that won’t matter to our children or grandchildren in the future, so I challenge you to use a picture you are not happy with, It gets easier to look at and then it’s actually easier to love your imperfectly perfect self!

(Process video coming soon)

As well as project life I’ve started Art/creative Journalling. It’s very new to me and I spend more time watching YouTube videos than creating the art, but it’s very calming and I love having my art journal on me, it inspires me to find art in everyday life! This week I created my first page, I wanted this page to inspire me every time I open it.

I had some Journalling cards on the front of my art journal, but when I received my wrist band from UKPA I knew I wanted to use this poem somewhere, I decided on the front page for a few reasons. UKPA is a group on Facebook that you’ve heard me mention before. It is run by a group of admins who truly love and care about each and every member, in my time there I’ve seen them collect money to replace household belongings lost in a fire, s b’s gifts to people who are really down, pay for someone to travel on their honeymoon and much more. Everyone is supportive and I’m lucky to be a part of it. This letter came at a time when I really needed it, I’m going through a few things “in real life” and this reminded me that there will always be someone there for me if I need them!! It has pride of place at the beginning of my creative journal.

Over on YouTube i’ve uploaded some Art Journalling process videos;

Art Journal : Autumn Bucket List

Art Journal : Back to School
Thanks for reading

Michelle aka Ugly Bug xx