Plan My Week

I was so excited to set my week up that I actually pencilled this spread in on Thursday. I’m totally in love with bullet journaling and have discovered a few # on Instagram that are full of bullet journal goodness.

I’m still not feeling the need to use stickers but a bit of washi tape did make an appearance this week and I used my planner stencil a whole lot on this layout!

My favourite thing about it is the simplicity, as long as I follow the “key” I should remember everything and get tasks done.

The “count your macros” quote is a reminder to myself to stay on track with a healthy diet As I’m back training this week and am hoping to lose 2lb a week before Christmas.

I’ve added a a slew tracker this week, to track the babies sleep, I’m hoping to get her back into a routine over the next 6 months. 

My UglyDori was getting a tad chunky for my autum dashboard, so I moved her into the back 4 books and added this plastic card wallet/zip pouch. It has card slots (which I’ve filled with washi for now as I can’t find my debit card) and a big pouch on one size and a zipped wallet in the back.


My Week : Changing it up

Ok so I know I already posted a “Plan My Week” at the beginning of this week, and I know that usually once you have planned or the week ahead you normally don’t need to complete the same week again until the following week, for some reason the week just wasn’t working for me! 

Planning is, for me, a way to keep my home/work/study/blog organised, to see what is coming up and any tasks I need to complete. It keeps me functioning and, when used properly, I run more efficiently.

I know that for lots of people the use of stickers and decoration play a massive part in the planner journey and I love to look at all the pretty spreads, for me though I find a highly sticker page clogs my brain and makes me feel “busy” even on one of my less active weeks.

I tried using functional stickers this week to highlight important tasks but every time I opened the page, something I have made a habit as soon as I sit with my first cup of coffee in the morning, I quickly felt overwhelmed and found I became reluctant to look at it again.

On Tuesday I decided that I didn’t have to live out this week in my Travellers Time insert if it wasn’t working for me, no one is forcing me to stick to a layout that isn’t working for me and apart from a few stickers and one sheet of paper I had nothing to lose.

I flipped the page and drew out my alternate layout, it’s slightly BUJO style with a week on one page (WO1P) and the right hand page being for To Do’s and To Buys.

Finally I have a system that is working out for me again, yes it’s rough and not pretty but it’s doing what I need it to do, the page is uncluttered and tells me exactly what I need to know. I can see everything I need to accomplice this week and can prioritise from the list every day. 

This is my “Key” system at the minute which I found on a YouTube video, alas I cannot now remember who’s. I have some simple colour coding this week but next week it’s something I am going to try to fully implement from next week.

One of my goals for the next 6 months is to improve my handwriting and as this is a whole page of just my writing I really am going to crack on with practicing.

I suppose the moral of this story is that something that works for one person won’t necessarily work for you, take ideas from lots of places, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to name a few, and adapt them in ways that work for you… I’m off to Pinterest for bullet journal ideas for next week.


Plan My Week : UglyDori :Hand Drawn Travellers Times Inserts : Ugly Bug Stickers

I utilised the monthly overview stickers in this weeks layout, I originally designed them to fit the MO2P in the Erin Condren Life Planner but as I no longer have one I figured I’d used the days of the week and the date dots for my weekly spread.



I really love the way I have split the page for “Today” – which I’m planning on using for appointments and reminders and “To Do” which is pretty self explanatory. I’ve used the stickers from last months Ugly Bug Subscription Box, and while I love the overall look I think next week I’m going to try a simpler layout with more of a Bullet Journal style.

Halloween being on a Monday this year has really pickled things up, I’m in a dilemma of decorating next week for Halloween and the end of October (which means I get to use my favourite mushroom Washi for another week) or to jump straight into Novembers subscription box…. What would you do?

To watch the process video for this week click HERE!!


Plan My Week : UglyDori : BUJO Inserts

To say that I am loving life in my Ugly Dori would be an actual understatment! I love how everything is in one place and I literally have my whole life to hand.. I’ve even put my debit cards in the back as I carry her more than my purse.

UglyDori – Regular

This week I have made a laminated dashboard and some bookmarks so that I can flip straight to today’s page without losing paperclips from the top as I go.

I’m currently in a black (8 Ball) with hot pink stitching and elastics. She is super hot 🙂

I’ve gone back to drawing my inserts, I love being able to change my spread weekly so that it is really tailored to my needs.

I even managed a bit of decorating this week, using the Thumbelina Prints sticker kit that we received in our UKPA goodie bags.