Productivity and Organisation : Week 1 : The KonMari Method

Okay..okay!! so I hardly set New Years Resolutions because I always change my mind, this year I have set some goals and one of them was to set a blog schedule and stick to it… and i’ve already broken that.

I think that trying to blog and have Youtube content up every day was always going to be a mission but I thought i’d last longer than a week haha. So I have decided to combine the productivity and organisation posts into once a week.

Over the next 6 weeks you will see me organise and declutter my house using the KonMari method, I will be implementing a new “Miracle Morning” routine using Hal Elrods book “The Miracle Morning” and I will be taking tips from David Allens “Getting Things Done” I have purchased all of these books myself and everything that I report back on (if it works or fails) will be my own opinion.

My main goal for the end of this 6 week period is to have my house decluttered and organised so that it is easy to maintain, I’d like to be getting up earlier and starting my day rather than sitting on the couch drinking coffee my mornings are going to be my most productive time and i’d like to become more productive in  y daily task setting and completing everything on the list.

I filmed a short video yesterday which showed the areas in my house that need the most attention although I will be tackling every room in the house!

The 2 areas that need the most attention are my office and the storage unit in the lounge, its just been packed with junk and i really need to go through it and sort it all out, I have extra boxes on their way from Ikea and cannot wait to get started on it.

Don’t forget to join me next week where I’ll be showing you what i’ve been up to this week, what I have tried from the books and what I’m thinking about them so far.

Michelle xx


Blog and YouTube Schedule Jan-Apr 2017


I’m on a roll today, not only is this my second post of the day (something that doesn’t happen that often I promise) but I have also sat and worked out my blog and YouTube schedule for the first 3 months of 2017 and have made some notes for the posts for the next 2 weeks.. One of my goals is to be more productive and the hour I spent working on this this morning will save me lots of time in the next few weeks.

This will be my blog schedule until April (starting tomorrow):

MondayPlanner Girl Collective (formerly Confessions of a plannerholic) A group of planner and stationery obsessed girls have come together to form a series of, weekly, posts. We all post on a Monday and it is usually the same topic (there are some off topic posts which a few of us, including myself, change to suit our blogs). My posts will all be on stationery, planners, productivity, organisation, goal setting or creativity.

Tuesday – This will vary from week to week and will include unboxing, reviews, creative tutorials and any other on topic posts which do not fall under the other days categories.

WednesdayOrganisation the first 6 weeks (starting 4th January 2017) will follow me as I organise my house using Marie Kondo’s “KonMari Method” I’m literally going to take you along with me from my first impressions of the book to actually organising each room.

Thursday – Productivity My main aim of 2017 is to be more productive and the first 6 blog posts will follow me as I discover David Allens “Getting Things Done” and become more productive using his techniques.

Friday – Goal Setting Another short series as I put “My Miracle Morning” into place as guided by Hal Elrods book “The Miracle Morning”, I am super excited by this and have already started to read the book and put a few things from it into place.

SaturdayMy Crafty Week Although this blog is focussing on planning, productivity and organisation I wanted to add creativity in there too as I often use a creative journal when I am goal setting etc, on the other hand I didn’t want a tonne of creative posts to overwhelm the blog. My Crafty Week is a weekly post where I can show you what I’ve been creating and working on that week in one post, it will contain links to any creative YouTube videos and tutorials that I have posted that week.

Sunday – Plan With Me I have decided that this year I will be moving away from the typical “plan with me/plan my week” posts where i show you each week how i have decorated my planner for that week. I have tried and tried to plan like this as that seems like “the norm” for most of the planner girls out there. Instead my Plan With Me blog posts will be more informative, I will go over everything from planner jargon to accessories and where to buy them. Each week will focus on one aspect of planning so if you are new to the planner world or would just like to learn how to plan more efficiently then make sure you tune in every week. There will be a corresponding video on my YouTube channel every week.