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10th Wedding anniversary : Harry Potter Studios and Glamping

You will no doubt see a lot about our recent trip over the next week or so, I have lots of memory keeping to do and it will feature heavily.. starting with tomorrows Planner Girls Collective post which is Creative Journalling.

I decided to upload our Vlog (to my second YouTube channel) so you can see a taster of what went on.. we were glamping in a beautiful location in Elstree and visited Harry Potter Studio Tours for the day on our actual anniversary.

To view the vlog click HERE!

I won’t add many pictures to this post to save you seeing them all when I use them, here are a couple:


30 Days of Harry Potter : Least Favourite Female Character

Considering that I am a Gryffindor through and through you may assume I’d chose a nasty Slytherin as my least favourite female, maybe Bellatrix Lestrange who single handedly killed off so many of our beloved characters.. But no I actually love the crazy character who is played by the beautiful and amazing Helena Bonham Carter.


My least favourite, female, character is Aunt Petunia, I despised her right from the very first words which passed her pursed lips on her po face. Aunt Petunia is one of the most stuck up, jealous, patronising, arrogant, snotty, conceited, ostentatious bitches in all of the Harry Potter books (and it was a close call between her and Dolorus Umbridge).


I think every single ounce of nastiness that comes from her, and there is a whole load of nastiness, stems from jealousy of her sister Lily  who is of course Harry’s mum. She spoils her son Dudley to the point of him being a horrible bully and a spoilt brat, its no secret in the books that she felt her parents loved her sister more than her and maybe she tries to compensate that by being an overbearing mother to Dudley who, in my opinion, needs a good smack, and thats coming from someone who is anti smacking of children haha.

Fiona Shaw, who plays Petunia, plays her true to the books. The on screen character is exactly how I pictured her through out the books. I’m sure Fiona is lovely in real life but I think if I ever met her in real life I’d have a hard job disassociating her from her character and would be tempted to giver her a piece of my mind (or to throw something at her).

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to come back and check out tomorrows subject and click on the links below to view the other ladies taking part in this series.

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30 Days of Harry Potter : What Movie Changes Annoyed You The Most?


Right OKAY, by far the Hardest of the 3 to date, simply because there are so many changes and things in the books which never made it to the movies and that makes me sad. So what if the movies had been 6 hours each, in fact bring it on ha.

So after having a long, hard think about it I’m going to go with the scenes from the Quidditch World Cup which starts off The Goblet of Fire which is the fourth book/movie in the series. In the book we have our first magical event, outside of Hogwarts and it was spectacular. For me it set up/explained a few things that are important to the rest of the story.

We discovered:

Leprechaun gold after the shady Ludo Bagman tried to pay off a bet to the Weasly twins with it (eventually he paid in real gold which is how Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes had the funding to start).

Veelas the magical and beautiful girls who had powers to seduce men and who turned into dangerous, bird like creatures when angry.

Winky the House Elf and  S.P.E.W, Poor Winky who had been freed from Barty Crouch and then employed by Hogwarts. When Hermione discovered the work the House Elves do for the great feast and in general for Hogwarts she sets up Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.

Charlie Weasley poor lad, in the book he appeared a lot for looking after the dragons for the first task, unfortunately he didn’t make the cut into the film at all.

Hermione’s frizzy hair and buck teeth that she tried to fix for the yule ball, all we see in the film is her appearing looking beautiful and elegant without all the preparation she went through in the book.

Rita Skeeter being an unregistered beetle Animagus.



30 Days of Harry Potter : Favourite Book

I love September, its one of my favourite months, it always seems full of hope and change and of course it reminds me of Harry Potter and is usually the month I start to rematch/re-read them. So I was over the moon when a friend of mine announced she was setting up a new series of daily blog posts and was looking for people to link up with her *waves hands and jumps up and down to be seen*

These are going to be relatively short posts and will run along side my other posts, I thought it would be a nice way for you guys to see why and what I love about Harry Potter.

Todays topic is : My Favourite of all the books. By far this has to be The Prisoner of Azkaban, I’m not sure if its because this was the first book I had to wait for (I was fairly late to the harry potter party and only discovered the books once 1 & 2 had been published)   and when they finished I was hungry for the third book and queued at midnight for its release. I also really felt the connection with Sirius Black and I think I even cried when our poor orphan Potter had a legal guardian and a bright future with him.

POA book.jpg

For me the third book seems to be the pivotal point in which the books take a darker turn, I’m not sure if its the films which have given me this impression or if I thought it at the time of reading the third book. In the film Harry appears a lot older and the scenes are a lot darker, or maybe its that Harry craves his independence and life away from Privet Drive, I know one thing for sure, writing this has made me want to crack open my potter case and re-read the books.

I hope you have enjoyed this and will come back for tomorrows instalment, leave me a comment with your favourite Potter book of all time and check out the posts from the other ladies in this series.



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