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Easy Traveler’s Notebook planner pocket insert : New Stampin’ Up! Delightful Daisy!

I am a true planner girl at heart but to be honest I don’t really do the decorating on the inside of my pages… I like a bit of wash tape and a couple of stickers but I can’t focus when I have a full page layout.. so I like my planners to be pretty on the outside, with functional decoration!

My a6 Ugly Dori has had the same internal decoration for about 6 weeks now and I really fancied a change.. as I am preparing for a big event this weekend I didn’t have the time to laminate all my dividers and I wanted something that was going to be functional to store receipts.

I came up with this simple and easy template to make these pocket folders! You can view the process video HERE!

Product Ingredients:

A7 (Micro):

  • Cut paper to: 9″ (228mm) x 6″ (150mm)
  • Score at: Longside – 4.5″  (114mm) and then 3″ (76 mm) either side of score line. Shortside – 1.75″ (44mm)


  • Cut to 9.25″ (235mm) x 12″ (305mm)
  • Score at: Longside – 6″ (152mm) and then 4.25″ (108mm) both sides of the centre score line. Shortside – 6″ (152mm)


  • 12″ x 12″ (305mm x 305mm)
  • Score at: Longside – 6″ (152mm)) and then 4.5″ (114mm) both sides of the centre score line. Shortside – 8.25″ (210mm)

Field Notes (Pocket):

  • Cut to 6″ x 12″
  • Score at: Longside – 6″ (152mm) then 3.75″ (95mm) 

    either side of centre score line. Shortside: .25″ (7mm)

If you have been inspired by this project then I would love to see your creation, you can reach me by tagging me @uglybugplans on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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How to make a pocket folder for a Midori/Traveler’s Notebook

This folder was actually very simple to make, you only need a few supplies and can change the style of pockets to suit your planning needs. To view the video tutorial of this please click HERE.

You will need:

A4 card 

Designer Series Paper


Paper Trimmer/Scissors and ruler

Paper scorer

Magnetic or Velcro closure

How To:

  • First up you need to cut 4 pieces of DSP, 1 at 24cm x 12cm and 3 at 12cm x 6cm
  • Then with a scoring board or tool you need to score the biggest piece (with the 24cm being the top and the 12cm being the sides) at 1cm, 2cm and 3cm from each side and 1cm from the bottom
  • Score each of the 3 small pieces at 1cm on both of the sides (12cm being top and bottom and 6cm being the sides)
  • While you have your scoring board out, score the back plate (the a4 piece of card) at 11cm, 12cm, 23cm, 25cm
  • Use your bone folder to fold each score line, on the back plate, in the same direction and set aside.
  • Take the biggest piece of DSP and fold the scored edges in an accordion so it forms a kind of spring, fold the bottom piece over and add adhesive to each of the 3 flaps, line up with one of the sections on the back plate and press down.
  • With each of the 3 small card pockets you need to fold the flaps over and add adhesive to them, then add a small amount to the bottom of each pocket and adhere to the other section of the back plate.
  • Round the corners on the section of the back plate that will become the closure and attach the magnetic or velcro closure.
  • Make a small V in the top and bottom of the 1cm section that will be where your elastics fit, using some sharp pointed scissors.































New, custom, A6 traveler’s notebook set up with hobonichi techno

When I started this year I, like every other planner and Stationery geek, went out and purchased the Planners I needed to help me keep my life together. 

I knew I wanted a wo2p desk diary, a do1p and then a traveler’s notebook to carry around with me you can see the products I chose in my post HERE.

There I was, cruising along the Planner peace highway when my friend Jayme sends me a hobonichi techno in a6… it was love I’m telling you, if you can love an object haha.

Of course she needed a new home and I’d been asking Trevor to make my Harry Potter themed a6 for ages… this is what he came up with..

At the front I have 2 large secretarial pockets and at the back I have 4 card pockets, this will be my daily carry so will house my cashcards and coupons etc.

Inside I have my 3 dot notebooks and the hobonichi techno at the back. The leather is so soft and floppy it’s stunning. Now I just cannot wait for my next planner kit to arrive so I can pump her out, I purposely left the inside nude so that I can change my colour scheme as often as I like without fear of clashing.

I filmed a flip through of this notebook that explains everything in more detail HERE.