Traveler’s Notebook set up tutorial : with Stampin’ Up! Birthday Fiesta

Stampin’ Up! Have pulled the piñata out the bag with these amazingly colourful papers, as soon as I opened them and had a good look I knew I wanted to use them somewhere I’d get to see them and enjoy them, my a6 UglyDori has had the same “Harry Potter” theme for a while now and these papers and stamps where to delicious to not use in there.

I love it!! You can see the full process video HERE where I explain step by step.


Planning My Week : A6 Traveler’s Notebook, Hobonichi Techno (bullet journal) and Erin Condren

What does a planner obsessed she devil do when she can’t make her mind up in a single planner system??? She uses them all haha.

I love my hobonichi techno (a6) and have carried the bullet journalling system over to her, she sits in my a6 UglyDori and comes everywhere with me as a purse. She sits in my desk and I use her day to day to track my to do lists and appointments, the split column on the page means I can seperate the hourly tasks and to do lists so that I can efficiently manage my time, she’s my task master and haunts me if I fail to complete all my tasks, I have carried over the “migrating” of tasks but been really trying hard to set manageable tasks and allocate time for them.

My ECLP sits open on my desk as kind of a master planner, I like to see the up coming week and be able to plan my time around future events… the reason I plan is that I am an epic fail at time management.. those 100 tasks I need to do are really important.. but YouTube always comes calling and scrolling on Facebook is always more appealing, by seeing the week ahead I find it almost spooks me into doing the task today, fear of a never ending list spooks me.

Multiple planning systems can be hard work and need a few “rules” the main one is schedualing appointments, if I am home they go straight into my ECLP in the monthly section; as that is my “master planner” I always transfer the tasks over to my A6 on a Sunday so rarely miss anything, if I’m out they go in my Hobonichi, the problem I had with that is, even with the best intentions, I found I often (read here always haha) forgot that I had scheduled anything in, due to it being a day on one page (DO1P) if I let it sink into the black obvlivian that is my memory I rarely remember it until I am in that daily page. To combat this I use good old stick notes (say what?? They actually have a function?!?) I either write the appointment on the sticky note only or pop it into the day too. The sticky note then goes on the front page of the Hobonichi and doesn’t come off until I have written it in my ECLP.

It’s my perfect system: for now!! But don’t forget to check back next week and find out my new favourites, the fickle beast I am!!

There is a video coming in the next day or two of me setting the 2 Planners up for this week, alas time disappeared yesterday (YouTube) and I haven’t edited it, feel free to pop over to my YouTube channel. You can now watch the video HERE!


How to Plan Efficiently : 1 : Getting Started

As I discussed earlier in the week my Sunday “Plan With Me” blog posts and videos will be replaced with a series of “How to Plan” guides. My aim with this series is to show you the different types of planning, everyone plans differently and for different reasons and it can all seem very overwhelming, this is my way of making it a bit easier on “newbies” to the world of paper planning.

Todays instalment is about the very basics, how to start and common planner jargon used online.

Types of Planners:

  • Coil planners – These usually come already dated for either a year or 18 months, they come in a vertical or a horizontal layout and usually have a month on 2 page (MO2P) layout followed by 4-5 week on 2 page (WO2P) “spreads.” There are several companies who sell this style of planner such as Erin Condren, Plum Paper, Paper-Planner, LimelifePlanner and AJ6 Designs
  • Disk Bound – Normally have the same format as coil bound planners but are bound by small disks the spine. The benefit of disk over coil is that you can add and move pages in a disk bound system but not in a spiral. Companies that offer a disk bound planner are MAMBI (Me And My Big Ideas) and the ARCH system from Staples.
  • Ring Bound – Probably the most recognised planning system, this is usually the first thing that people think about when they think of a planner and is usually where people start. They come in a variety of sizes; Pocket, Personal and A5 and pages can be added and removed by simply opening the rings and taking out the paper. The plus point of this system is that you can add new “Inserts” each year so the planner will last you. Brand which sell this type of planner are: Filofax, Kikki K and Paperchase.
  • Travellers Notebooks – This is probably the hardest planner state to explain, but one of the most adaptable and customisable. The covers are usually made of fabric, leather or faux leather and are held closed by an elastic that slips over the cover. The “inserts” are actually booklets that you can buy plain or pre printed. There are lots of uses for Travellers Notebooks as they can usually store between 4-8 booklets which can have multiple purposes.

Of course If you do not have one of these to hand then a good old notebook would do the job too, you could create “layouts” on the pages and date them yourself, this allows you the freedom to create a system that works perfectly for you and you can style and decorate it how ever you want to.

A UglyDori Travellers Notebook

A Ring Planner
Coil/spiral bound Planners


If any of the above confused you then hopefully this will make more sense!

Layout = When you open your planner, the pages that face you are your “layout” the left and right page of the book that you are looking at.

Spread = Whatever you create on your layout is your “spread”

MO2P = Month On 2 Pages, usually boxes in a grid formation which have been dated to show the days and weeks in that month, also called  a”monthly overview”

WO2P = Week On 2 Pages, the 7 days of the week spread out over your “layout” this could be horizontal (days running from right to left of the page) or vertical (day running from top to bottom of the page).

DO1P = Day on 1 Page (also DO2P which is Day on 2 Page) a whole day on 1 (or 2) sides of the spread.

WO2P coil bound planner

Hopefully, if you have been thinking about delving into planning, this has given you the basics to start with. People plan for lots of different reasons, some plan for work and others plan to run an efficient home. Whatever your planning goals it is a very fun and addictive hobby.

I hope you’ll join me next Sunday for the second instalment.




Plan My Week : #1 – My 2017 Planner Set Up

It feels good to be back, we had the loveliest Christmas and New year and it has been amazing being able to take the time off to spend together, Trevor has worked in security for the past 4 years so has always worked over Christmas and New Year, it’s been lovely having him home and not having to worry all night about his safety!!

Because we had been away the week before Christmas I hadn’t really had time to set up my 2017 planners (yes I have more than 1) so yesterday I took a couple of hours out to get organised.

I currently have these 6 planners which I will be using regularly (L-R Top; Recollections planner, A5 Carpe Diem, A5 DO1P Paperchase… Bottom; A5 UglyDori, Regular UglyDori, A6 UglyDori) the recollections planner is what I intend to use for memory keeping so you probably won’t see much of that one.


The A5 Carpe Diem is more of a storage folder, I made 12 dividers with some scrapbook paper I had lying around, I added some small top tabs (available in my Etsy shop) so that I can access the months easily. When any appointments come through or letters from the school etc I paperclip them to the month they are relevant to and then write the appointment in my Paperchase diary. It means I never lose any paperwork and have all the information to hand when it is needed.

I decided I need a desk diary this year to keep track of my lists and to do’s and to help me plan my day to be most productive. This Paperchase diary is a DO1P (Day On 1 Page) will sit on my desk and be more of a notebook, in fact last year I used a notebook in the same manner but I missed it being dated so that I could add things in for later in the week. I’ll not decorate this at all so again you will probably see very little of her (unless i develop my Bullet Journal technique).


Last but certainly not least are my UglyDoris, the Harry Potter one (regular) will still be used for my blog, productivity and goal setting. The A5 (middle in picture) currently has some lined pads in it for journalling and notes/brain dumping. The A6 (right in picture) is what i’ll use as my every day carry, it has a monthly diary that I can refer to when i’m out and making appointments/plans, she also has a weekly overview and a couple of notepads for ideas whilst I am out.

Currently I am happy with this set up, it looks a bit more complicated than it is but it is, in essence, the same as I was using for the last couple of months in 2016 and that seemed to work really well for me. To watch the corresponding video please click HERE!

I am currently working on my blog and YouTube posting schedule as I have a few new series that I will be introducing, I will put all this up in a separate post this week.



Plan My Week : 31/10/2016-06/11/2016

Where on earth did November come from? I’m actually quite sure that it was just a week or so ago that the kids went back from the holidays and now they are just about to start back for Autumn half term… Life goes crazy quick when you have children!

You have probably guessed what is about to come, in fact if you are still here reading this then maybe you are here because you like the direction my layouts have been taking?

After changing up my layout last week, to the “bullet journal” type layout I found my planning to be productive and efficient, things got ticked off from the list and I actually ended the week feeling accomplished (that’s saying something in half term week).

Ok, things happened that were genuinely out of my control and I couldn’t tick some things off the list but I’m ok with that, I found a solution and moved on! I even managed to make a start on somethings I had planned for this week coming!

Feeling inspired I headed to Pinterest and “borrowed” some ideas to come up with a layout that “made my heart happy”…. Not the prettiest, not a sticker in sight and not a single f given!! I.LOVE.IT!!!

The key at the bottom is one I’m going to carry through now and the green/red colour coding is for money in vs out which I mark with a dot over in the day box.

I love that it’s easy to read and I have everything to hand but I think I might go for a typical “bullet journal” layout next week rather than the boxes.

To view the corresponding video click HERE!

If you have any bullet journal blogs or YouTube channels then leave them in the comments and I will be sure to check them out.
P.s I got right to the end before mentioning my UglyDori, did you think I’d forgot?


Plan My Week : UglyDori : BUJO Inserts

To say that I am loving life in my Ugly Dori would be an actual understatment! I love how everything is in one place and I literally have my whole life to hand.. I’ve even put my debit cards in the back as I carry her more than my purse.

UglyDori – Regular

This week I have made a laminated dashboard and some bookmarks so that I can flip straight to today’s page without losing paperclips from the top as I go.

I’m currently in a black (8 Ball) with hot pink stitching and elastics. She is super hot 🙂

I’ve gone back to drawing my inserts, I love being able to change my spread weekly so that it is really tailored to my needs.

I even managed a bit of decorating this week, using the Thumbelina Prints sticker kit that we received in our UKPA goodie bags.


Plan My Week : Week 38 : Travellers Notebook

Its been a big change for me this week  and I am really excited about it. After using my Erin Condren planner for the past few months I’ve found I haven’t really been utilising it and, although I feel it in at the start of each week, I haven’t been actually referring back to it or using it.

My recent papergang notebook has been serving as my daily journal and whilst I have enjoyed using it, I’m finding that unless I am sat in my office at the end of the day ( a habit I am trying to get out of) I forget to write in that too.

After meeting with Emma at The Stationery Geekette recently and falling in  love with her Websters Travellers Notebook I decided to purchase one for myself, I chose the rose gold, mainly because it was the cheapest and I really wanted to see if it would fit my needs. The “Snitch” charm was from last months BookClub Box.

I love it!! At the minute I am hand drawing my inserts, as soon as I have a system that works for me I will design and print some day on 2 page custom inserts, currently my daily page looks like this…

The actual booklet I am using came from one of the Tiger £2 Travellers Notebooks which someone kindly purchased on my behalf, I’ve covered the booklet with contact paper from home bargains and have used the folder wallet which I will use to store notes in. I really like the idea of having my daily goals, schedule, to do list, fitness log and journal on the same page. Sometimes when writing in my journal I forget that, even though I may be feeling happy/angry/excited and may write about how I am feeling, I sometimes forget to write WHY I am feeling that way, having my journal entry on the same page as my daily routines will hopefully jog y memory when I later look back.

At the minute this system is working really well for me, but it is early days and I have yet to actually need it whilst I’m out, although I already tend to have this on me more than any other planner I have used to date.

To watch a walk through of my current set up on YouTube click HERE