DIY Sticker Storage / Accordion File / Card Holder

The original idea for this project came from this video that I stumbled across whilst looking for inspiration for another project. I’ve been looking for a pretty and portable way to store and carry my planner stickers for a while and as soon as I saw this I knew that I could adapt it to fit my stickers and it would be perfect.

Product Ingredients:

  • Pop of Pink DSP 141648 (retiring) cut at:
    • 7.5″ x 2″
    • 4.75″ 7.5″
    • 4″ x 8″ (2 of these)
    • 1″ x 2.5″ (3 of these)
  • Basic Black Card 124267 cut at:
    • 12″ x 8″
    • 8″ x 5.5″
    • 4″ x 8″ (3 of these)
  • 11″ of ribbon or lace
  • Paper Trimmer 129722
  • Score Board 122334
  • Adhesive 104332

Don’t forget that every person who places an order on my website receives a free gift from me at the end of the month, when they use the hostess code to the right of this post!

To view the process video click HERE!

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Raising money for Carrie, for medical bills not funded by NHS

Edited to add new prizes:

  • The £50 UglyDori voucher has now been increased to any size UglyDori with any tooling/paint/customisation.. this is a whopping prize and Trevor is happy to work with the winner to create their dream UglyDori!!
  • A stationery Bundle from Three Little Buhos
  • £20 shop credit from Kelizabethplans


One of my lovely ladies on my PR Team, Carrie, is.. in totally understated words “a bit poorly” her condition….. in fact why don’t I let Carrie tell it in her own words…

Carrie’s Fund is about helping to raise funds to cover the increasing medical costs my complex condition brings.

Thanks to my stretchy-gooey-fragile connective tissue I have legs that wobble, the stamina of a sloth and an ability to facepalm the floor numerous times a day. I have complete intestinal failure, am fed directly into my heart (TPN), my upper spine is collapsing which is crushing my brainstem, I am losing my sight and my immune system is breaking down – my whole body is literally falling apart.

Sadly, there are many aspects of my condition which are not recognised or treated on the NHS or in the UK. As a result I have to fund a lot of my medical care, pay for expensive equipment and in the near future I may need to fund surgery and treatment in other countries

Carrie’s Fund is to help ease some of the burden of these extensive costs. Some of the things that the fund has paid for and will help pay towards in the future include :

  • Specialist powered wheelchair
  • Upright MRI scans in London for spinal instability (CCI)
  • Consultations with CCI neurosurgeon in Spain
  • Travel fridge to store TPN to allow travel away from home for appointments and short breaks.”

As you can see this beautiful lady has so much to deal with and still takes time out of her day to help others and raise awareness of the condition. You can read more of Carrie’s story HERE and follow her blog HERE

and the point of this post is: I decided to see if I could raise funds for Carrie’s medical treatment by donating a custom UglyDori to be raffled off, I posted in a UK sellers group on Facebook and the mega generous sellers jumped in with their own contributions to create one mega prize. Tickets are £2.50 and can be paid by PayPal at please only put the word Carrie in the notes and I will email you your ticket number (this will go to your PayPal email so please check that).

Competition closes on the 3rd April at 9am and the winner will be drawn live at 2pm that very same day. All money will be transferred to Carrie’s fundraising page that day (so please pay by friends and family to maximise the amount raised.

The prize…

There are more amazing contributors to come so keep checking back. If you are a seller or have an item you would like to donate to help this cause then please do contact me and I will make sure to add you to the list.



Planner stickers, Washi and Ephemera unboxing/haul : Little Rainbow Moon on Etsy

At the beginning of January I placed an order, via Etsy, from Jo at Little Rainbow Moon, she had a code running and I’d been wanting some of her ephemera and stickers for a while.

Her shipping time was 2 weeks as she has children and they were off school for the holidays, we all know how chaotic that is right? 

So last week the postie handed me my envelope of delicious happiness, I didn’t realise what it was at the time so tore it open only to find that it was my order. The kids were screaming around me and I was one Muuuummmmmm away from eating my feelings in chocolate cereal! But that’s the perfect time to record an unboxing right?? Perfect timing indeed! 

First out the bag was the super stunning feather washi, although the word feather seemed to evade me. To match the washi I ordered the sticker kit, in personal planner size, to fit my a6 UglyDori and the matching ephemera pack.

I also ordered another sticker kit along with a sheet of feather stickers on transparent sticker paper and a galaxy ephemera pack… for no other reason than they are so stinking cute!! 

If you are into art journalling then you really have to check out Jo’s shop, the stickers and ephemera are her own stunning art work.


Unboxing : The Geeky Planner Stickers

By now you guys should know that Lea from The Geeky Planner is a real life friend of mine, we often support each other’s businesses and are arranging the Pamper and Plan 2017 event together.

Due to that fact I will keep any posts like this purely factional and will not be reviewing (as I think all her stickers are awesome).

Last week lea posted (in her Facebook group) that she had a new “friendship” sticker kit and as soon as I see it I knew I needed it, so I purchased the ECLP kit from her etsy shop.

They arrived a few days later, which I filmed the unboxing for, and OMG I love them they are so fun and bright yet leave enough space on my page to plan in!

We had arranged a small meeting just to catch up and finish a bit of P&P admin, whilst there I swooned after her new female hero and villain set, she asked if I’d take a lot of each (erm yeah ok, arm twisted) and have a play with a few different layouts.

Because I had already planned this blog and vlog I thought I’d use it as a chance to show case them to you.

If you are the smallest bit geeky then this will make that geeky little heart sing!!

I filmed the opening of these sets so that you can see them close up and exactly what is in each kit, to view that video please click HERE!

Above = The adorable Friendship Girls Personal planner kit is not yet listed but you can order the full kit with the link above. The personal kits are £3.00 which makes them £1.50 a sheet which is amazing.

The Boy Wizard personal set above is available for £3.00 for the 2 sheets.