PGC – Mothers Day Gifts

We’ve been discussing crafty mothers day gifts this week, from the point of a mother I would love crafty gifts from my kids, anything we could do together would be even better but it is a very hard thing to get “right” I use a particular brand of products which are not available in the shops: however I would love something hand made from my kids.. a cute picture or card would literally make

My Mother’s Day complete!

So what’s different with my mum? Would she appreciate a hand made gift more than something shop brought? I think so! All mums would prefer something from the heart rather than the shop which is why this year I will be making her a paper succulents garden to match her decor, I know that my mum will appreciate the gesture every time she looks at it.

I must admit I wasn’t taken with this kit the first time I looked at it in the catalogue but I’ve seen some amazing looking wreaths and boxes on Pinterest that I cannot wait to try!

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Planner stickers, Washi and Ephemera unboxing/haul : Little Rainbow Moon on Etsy

At the beginning of January I placed an order, via Etsy, from Jo at Little Rainbow Moon, she had a code running and I’d been wanting some of her ephemera and stickers for a while.

Her shipping time was 2 weeks as she has children and they were off school for the holidays, we all know how chaotic that is right? 

So last week the postie handed me my envelope of delicious happiness, I didn’t realise what it was at the time so tore it open only to find that it was my order. The kids were screaming around me and I was one Muuuummmmmm away from eating my feelings in chocolate cereal! But that’s the perfect time to record an unboxing right?? Perfect timing indeed! 

First out the bag was the super stunning feather washi, although the word feather seemed to evade me. To match the washi I ordered the sticker kit, in personal planner size, to fit my a6 UglyDori and the matching ephemera pack.

I also ordered another sticker kit along with a sheet of feather stickers on transparent sticker paper and a galaxy ephemera pack… for no other reason than they are so stinking cute!! 

If you are into art journalling then you really have to check out Jo’s shop, the stickers and ephemera are her own stunning art work.

Papercraft, PGC

Planner Girls Collective : My Favourite Planner/Stationery Shops


Ok Ok I know I post about my favourite shops alllll the time, I always like to buy from small business as oppose to larger corporations, being a small business myself I know the value in each and every customer and I always try to spread my business.. the months I cannot afford to spend I try to help promote and drive sales to their shops.. I believe that building smaller businesses is best for everyone..

… so you know I’m going to mention @thegeekyplanner, @hazydaysuk and @allthingspaperuk right?? I’ve covered each of these (in detail) before so I won’t go into them now..

Being quite a tight arse I actually don’t purchase that much, Little Rainbow Moon is someone who I love her shop and we have recently done some collab work, I have a haul video coming this week from her store, I find that as she uses her own artwork it really stands out and sings to my soul.

I tend to buy all my art supplies from HobbyCraft or The Works, I love ECLP for actual planners but I must admit her accessories seem really high in price and I don’t have a spare kidney to sell to fund a shopping spree..

..Unfortunately Amazon usually wins in all areas, although they are not always the cheapest I do love my Amazon Prime.. I love that I can think of something one day and it per here the next.. yay for Sunday deliveries. Another plus with prime over snail mail is that my mail doesn’t actually arrive until about 7pm and even then a first class letter can take a week to reach me lol.

But when I am on a binge and want to bulk out my craft supplies I head to as they have some amazing bargains, even if it is old stock, they do have a minimum spend and delivery is a bit pricey (but i begrudge paying shipping at all now thanks to Amazon Prime haha).

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How to Plan Efficiently : 1 : Getting Started

As I discussed earlier in the week my Sunday “Plan With Me” blog posts and videos will be replaced with a series of “How to Plan” guides. My aim with this series is to show you the different types of planning, everyone plans differently and for different reasons and it can all seem very overwhelming, this is my way of making it a bit easier on “newbies” to the world of paper planning.

Todays instalment is about the very basics, how to start and common planner jargon used online.

Types of Planners:

  • Coil planners – These usually come already dated for either a year or 18 months, they come in a vertical or a horizontal layout and usually have a month on 2 page (MO2P) layout followed by 4-5 week on 2 page (WO2P) “spreads.” There are several companies who sell this style of planner such as Erin Condren, Plum Paper, Paper-Planner, LimelifePlanner and AJ6 Designs
  • Disk Bound – Normally have the same format as coil bound planners but are bound by small disks the spine. The benefit of disk over coil is that you can add and move pages in a disk bound system but not in a spiral. Companies that offer a disk bound planner are MAMBI (Me And My Big Ideas) and the ARCH system from Staples.
  • Ring Bound – Probably the most recognised planning system, this is usually the first thing that people think about when they think of a planner and is usually where people start. They come in a variety of sizes; Pocket, Personal and A5 and pages can be added and removed by simply opening the rings and taking out the paper. The plus point of this system is that you can add new “Inserts” each year so the planner will last you. Brand which sell this type of planner are: Filofax, Kikki K and Paperchase.
  • Travellers Notebooks – This is probably the hardest planner state to explain, but one of the most adaptable and customisable. The covers are usually made of fabric, leather or faux leather and are held closed by an elastic that slips over the cover. The “inserts” are actually booklets that you can buy plain or pre printed. There are lots of uses for Travellers Notebooks as they can usually store between 4-8 booklets which can have multiple purposes.

Of course If you do not have one of these to hand then a good old notebook would do the job too, you could create “layouts” on the pages and date them yourself, this allows you the freedom to create a system that works perfectly for you and you can style and decorate it how ever you want to.

A UglyDori Travellers Notebook

A Ring Planner
Coil/spiral bound Planners


If any of the above confused you then hopefully this will make more sense!

Layout = When you open your planner, the pages that face you are your “layout” the left and right page of the book that you are looking at.

Spread = Whatever you create on your layout is your “spread”

MO2P = Month On 2 Pages, usually boxes in a grid formation which have been dated to show the days and weeks in that month, also called  a”monthly overview”

WO2P = Week On 2 Pages, the 7 days of the week spread out over your “layout” this could be horizontal (days running from right to left of the page) or vertical (day running from top to bottom of the page).

DO1P = Day on 1 Page (also DO2P which is Day on 2 Page) a whole day on 1 (or 2) sides of the spread.

WO2P coil bound planner

Hopefully, if you have been thinking about delving into planning, this has given you the basics to start with. People plan for lots of different reasons, some plan for work and others plan to run an efficient home. Whatever your planning goals it is a very fun and addictive hobby.

I hope you’ll join me next Sunday for the second instalment.