Plan My Week : Websters TN : Etsy Inserts

I am still using and loving my Webster’s Pages Travellers Notebook and I think I will be with him for quite some time yet. For the past few weeks I have been hand drawing my daily inserts, the plan was to keep playing with the layout until I had something I loved and then I could design and print them properly. Over the weekend I discovered a few blogs that offer free printable pages for different sizes of planner, including TNs.

My Life All In Once Place


These both had amazing printable, unfortunately I am a picky cow and was particularly after daily inserts that included an hourly schedule, To Do, Notes and then room to journal too. You know what it is like.. you are quite happy with your current set up but are too busy too draw them out, you decide to have a quick look for some free printable to get you by… a few hours of searching later and you still have no printable that is suitable, still have no hand drawn inserts, still have no work down and now you really just want to find the perfect planner inserts. I finally purchased these inserts from Etsy, at £3.38 they are excellent value for money, they are a fun design and fit my needs perfectly, nearly!!

I’ve printed out 40 days worth and covered them in a lovely autumnal scrapbook paper, getting the hang of binding and cutting them was a bit tricky and I need to go back over the edges with a craft knife and metal ruler to get the edges straight. I’m really happy with this insert now and plan to use this booklet until the end of October.


Plan My Week : Week 38 : Travellers Notebook

Its been a big change for me this week  and I am really excited about it. After using my Erin Condren planner for the past few months I’ve found I haven’t really been utilising it and, although I feel it in at the start of each week, I haven’t been actually referring back to it or using it.

My recent papergang notebook has been serving as my daily journal and whilst I have enjoyed using it, I’m finding that unless I am sat in my office at the end of the day ( a habit I am trying to get out of) I forget to write in that too.

After meeting with Emma at The Stationery Geekette recently and falling in  love with her Websters Travellers Notebook I decided to purchase one for myself, I chose the rose gold, mainly because it was the cheapest and I really wanted to see if it would fit my needs. The “Snitch” charm was from last months BookClub Box.

I love it!! At the minute I am hand drawing my inserts, as soon as I have a system that works for me I will design and print some day on 2 page custom inserts, currently my daily page looks like this…

The actual booklet I am using came from one of the Tiger £2 Travellers Notebooks which someone kindly purchased on my behalf, I’ve covered the booklet with contact paper from home bargains and have used the folder wallet which I will use to store notes in. I really like the idea of having my daily goals, schedule, to do list, fitness log and journal on the same page. Sometimes when writing in my journal I forget that, even though I may be feeling happy/angry/excited and may write about how I am feeling, I sometimes forget to write WHY I am feeling that way, having my journal entry on the same page as my daily routines will hopefully jog y memory when I later look back.

At the minute this system is working really well for me, but it is early days and I have yet to actually need it whilst I’m out, although I already tend to have this on me more than any other planner I have used to date.

To watch a walk through of my current set up on YouTube click HERE